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Our Team

betoAlberto Astete | General Director
More than 20 years in the entertainment and the hospitality industry. Specialist in eco-tourism, Tour Leader, official guide in the Manu National Park and Surfer. Fluent in English, Italian, Spanish (mother tongue), and not bad in French. Member of the "Royal and Ancient Society of the Polar Bear of Norway".

JoseJose Chirinos | Operations Manager
Tireless adventurer, he has travelled various places of the world and almost all of Peru. Graduated in hotel administration and tourism, expert in Peruvian and international cuisine. Experience in the hotel business and cruise ships; specialist in eco-adventure working in the Manu National Park. Trekker and surfer.

LaloLalo Chamochumbi | Image Director
Director in Art and Design. Graphic Designer with a vast experience in the world of publicity, marketing and e-commerce, as well as in the multimedia field and web development. Experience in analisis and creation of institutional images. Nature lover.

LourdesLourdes Valencia | Operations Cusco Lourdes has a Hotel Administration and Tourism degree; she worked in the best hotels in Cusco, notably as Head of reception and bookings for 6 years, currently studying the fifth semester of Official Guides of Tourism. Speaks Spanish, English and Italian.

Travel Consultants

Cesar Guevara | Travel Consultant - Valencia, España
Lover of nature and adventure, passion for photography has led several expeditions to the most recondite places of Peru. Expert guide in rafting, trekking and Mountain Biking has operated groups in the main tourist areas of Peru.Business Administration from the University of Cusco (UNSAAC), where dedicated 17 years to adventure tourism. He has lived and worked in the U.S. (Colorado) and Switzerland (Zurich) In 2007 he moved to Spain where he concluded the Master (MBA) in the direction of tourism businesses, currently resides in Valencia combining tourist consulting, canoeing guide and the promotion of Peru, both tourist and gastronomic. (president of the association Gastro Peru Valencia).

ElyvanElyvan Johanna Campero | Travel Consultant - Georgia / Florida
Considers herself a Peruvian Ambassador and has carried an Inca spirit from the heart. A native Peruvian dancer since she was a little girl, with a Hospitality Management Degree; as well as a Spirituality Healing and Health Degree. She strongly believes that visiting Peru will bring peace to your soul and will fill you with an enormous amount of good energy. She has lived in Cusco and had travel around Peru engaging with Andean communities and meeting people from around the world. She speaks fluently Spanish, English, Portuguese and some French.

MatiMatilde Reyes | Travel Consultant - Canada
Lover of Peruvian culture and its people. Strong believer that visiting Peru is an unforgettable experience, she combines her life as certified translator with One Earth Peru Travel Consultant activities for Montreal - Canada. Spanish speaking native, she speaks fluently English, French and Portuguese.

RochiRossana Weber | Travel Consultant - New York, USA
With a Hotel Administration and Tourism Degree, she enjoys traveling and connecting with (mother) nature. She truly believes Peru is a very special place on earth and is always proud to advice people to visit her beloved country. Speaks Spanish and English fluently.

Dora Mendoza / Travel Consultand – Paris, Francia
Juriste.Diplomée en Droit comparé, relations internationales et terminologie juridique (français-espagnol). Etudes supérieures en histoire et géographie péruviennes. Ex-traducteur-interprète officiel en France, langues française et espagnole.Vaste expérience en voyages en Amérique-Latine, Europe et Asie.Passionnée de la culture, arts et traditions péruviennes, contribue, par la voie du tourisme et associative, à leur divulgation. Pratique la musique et intègre groupes chorales contribuant ainsi à la meilleure connaissance du folklore et de la musique péruviens.Parle et écrit correctement l'espagnol(langue maternelle) et le français.Connaît un peu l'anglais.

Our Representatives

EliasElias Travel | One Earth Peru Representative - USA In 1980, RC Elias Travel opened its doors with a mission to provide our clients the most accurate information on all aspects of travel. They are a family-owned, full service, wholesale travel agency specializing in Peru and Latin America.

Strategic Alliances

Wanamei Wanamei | One Earth Peru Strategic Alliance One Earth Peru consecutively with its vision of contribution to the social development of the place where we work has made a strategic partnership with Wanamei, Wanamei is a tourist indigenist company own by eight native communities from the Amarakaeri Communal Reserve as partners, this is a natural protected area part of the Manu Biosphere Reserve. Together we design our Manu tours, in which we integrate the local natives to our tourist operation.


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