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Our Activities

Mountain & Ice Climbing

The Cordillera Blanca in Huaraz, Peru, is the perfect and most challenging mountain climbing area in all of South America. Discover the adrenaline of the Huascarán Mountain (almost 7000 mts above sea level) or the amazing Alpamayo (6000 mts of altitude) the most beautiful mountain in the world!! Come with us and climb the huge ice walls of Huayhuash Cordillera completely surrounded by high snow peaks, as far as your eyes can see.

Please contact us for the most exiting and safe mountain climbing in the continent, led only by real professionals.


Peru is a paradise for bird watchers and nature lovers in general, thanks to a great variety of habitats, climates and geographic features. With more than 1800 species of birds, 117 of them endemic to Peru, it becomes a dream to any ornithologist, especially that new species are constantly discovered in remote areas and regions unknown to biologists. There are so many spectacular places to spot birds in this country, it may take weeks or months to go from the shores of the Pacific Ocean and the coastal mangroves, to dry forest, inter Andean valleys, highlands and the Amazon basin. That is why we have selected the best spots so you can come and visit this wonderful destination for any birdwatcher.

Downhill Biking

The most amazing areas for bicycle lovers, tours on bike through almost anywhere, adrenalin and safety with the best group of professionals.
Rides of 45 Km. from 4600 mts. above sea level in the middle of the Andes to 1600 mts in the middle of the cloud forest. Join us for a ride on the most dangerous road on earth at Coroico, Bolivia or enjoy with us the wildlife in the Jungles of Manu by bike.

Jungle Expeditions

Our incredible expeditions through the jungles of Peru offer the unique chance to see nature face to face. Enjoy with us the most comfortable Amazon River Cruises or the virgin and pristine jungles of Manu National Park or Tambopata, the mystery of Pacaya Samiria jungle, our trail to the lost fortress of Kuelap, pink dolphins swimming in the Amazon River, the largest alligators in the world, giant otters, thousands of birds and the most authentic experience with local communities still lost in time, with it’s own ancestral knowledge of the forest and their own cosmovision. The best adventure only with us!!!


It’s an ancient culture which seeks the growth and healing of a person through the spirit, with the use of natural elements and ancestral knowledge and it is of a great
interest of the modern world.

These millenary experiences are possible to be found in different parts of Peru. In the northern coast there heal tables and the San Pedro cactus, in the highlands offers to the earth and the coca leave. In the jungle the Shamans and the Ayahuasca soul vine.

To be part of the ceremonies mentioned above, you have to be in touch with the nature in places where there’s a huge energetic concentrations such as in the huacas (ceremonial place), in Pisac, Ollantaytambo, Machu Picchu and  all over the jungle where there is magic in the use of their plants.


Adrenalin lover??? We offer a huge variety of extreme adventure sports, with a 100% safety record and qualified professionals. Join us for incredible paragliding flights around Lima city or the Sacred Valley of the Incas, the most spectacular views in an authentic adrenalin full experience.

All our flights are on 2 persons Tandem paraglide, some included in our eco adventure packages, safety & with a professional instructor, also solo flights available for experienced adventurers.


Some of the best rafting areas in the world are located in Peru. Incredible expeditions from the Andes to the Jungle in 12 days on a raft through the most pristine jungles in the world or 4 days extreme adventure on the 5th most amazing river in the world. Come with us and descent the famous Urubamba River at the Sacred Valley of the Incas (class II, III, IV).

Or the Majes River at the end of the deepest canyon on Earth (class III, IV). Enjoy the amazing and strong Apurimac River (the God river class II, III, IV, V) or our fascinating expedition through the Colca canyon, the deepest in the world (class III, IV, V). 100% safety & real professionals, huge variety of options, plenty of them no experience needed, others just for the Pros. Feel the rush with One Earth Peru!!!


Mysterious & magical deserts through all South America, the highest dunes in the world at the desert of Ica in Peru.

Enjoy with us the ride of your life through "Cerro Blanco" spotting the Nazca Lines on your sandboard. Sand dunes truck expeditions to places where nobody is present, fantastic sceneries, lots of adrenalin.


Tradition for surfing, for the waves, for the sea.
On the north coast of Peru, people have been surfing for more than 3000 years. Besides having one of the most privileged seas in the world for the practice of this sport, we organize surfing trips, traveling through thousands of perfect waves. The local people and our experts guarantee you the maximum safety and amusement.


The best way to be in contact with nature with the immense variety of hikes, difficulty levels and treks we offer. Different and authentic "Inca trails", expeditions over the highest mountains in the Andes, adventure and adrenalin through the secrets of the most remote areas in the world, always with the necessary equipment, guides, planning, safety and experience. Come with us and enjoy the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu (4 days’ hike, please check our booking policy) or the sacred pilgrimage to the Salcantay mountain on a 7 days’ Inca trail to Machu Picchu.

The incredible views off the beaten track in the Inca Trail to the Lares Valley (4 days’ hike) or our very special Inca Trail hike to the still unknown but truly amazing Choquequirau archeological site, the last Inca fortress. Thermal springs, native communities, llamas carrying your luggage, local porters, very good cooks and lots more through the open veins of the Andes in the cordillera Blanca and the Llanganuco trail. The best trekking of South America only with One Earth Peru.



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