Chiclayo and the Chaparrí Private Reserve

Chiclayo is one of several thriving cities in the northern coast of Peru with a rich cultural legacy from the great Pre-Inca civilizations of the area, with an economy traditionally based on the productivity of its coastal valleys. Its geographic location makes it a point of entrance to the northern Andes and to the northern jungle of Peru. Chiclayo holds the most impressive museum in the country. It houses a silver and gold collection found in the nearby Pyramids of Ispahán, located 35 km. from the city in Huaca Rajada, the site where the tomb of the Lord of Sipán, the great northern ruler, was discovered. The “Campesino community” of Santa Rosa de Chongoyape which has developed a valuable project, is located about 85 kilometers from this city of Chiclayo. In this project they have assigned portion of their land to create the Ecological Reserve of Chaparri, with the objective to protect the dry forest and its diversity. They also try to achieve development and the sustainable use of the natural resources for the benefit of the community. In the reserve, you can find foxes, deers, condors, guanacos and a variety of plant species. It is important to point out that a project of protection and reinsertion of endangered species like the spectacle bear and the white-winged guan is carried out in Chaparri.

Suggested Itinerary

Day 1 | Chiclayo

On arrival, transfer to the hotel and check in. Tour of Tucume town and pyramids, impressive structures of clay, proof of how advanced the pre-Inca cultures were in the north of Peru; then visit to the Lord of Sipan Royal Museum and the Pyramids of Sicán, return to Chiclayo in the afternoon. Lunch included in Lambayeque.

Breakfast and private transfer to the town of Chongoyape (around 1 hour and 30 minutes). In Chongoyape we meet our guide and do any last minute shopping before we enter the Reserve. On our way we visit the reservoir of Tinajones, first chance to spot birds, especially migratory birds. We will continue until we arrive at Chaparri Ecological Reserve; after checking into our rooms decorated with Mochica style (Pre-Inca Culture of the zone), we will have lunch.
In the afternoon a first walk in the reserve to see the facilities and projects like the reinsertion of the spectacle bear and the white-winged guan, endemic specie of the zone which was believed to be extinct for more than 100 years. Dinner and night walk or simply rest to enjoy the tranquility, purity and beauty of this place.

Day 3 | Chaparrí Ecological Reserve - Chiclayo

Very early in the morning with the first sunrays we will hike Las Pavas, the longest trail of the reserve of approximately 8 km long where we will be able to appreciate the nature of the zonewith its 241 species of birds, 21 species of mammals, 20 species of reptiles and amphibious. After the walk, private transfer to our hotel in Chiclayo and night free.

Day 4 | Transfer out

Transfer and end of our services.