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The 5000-year-old City of Caral is located 182 km north of Lima in the Supe Valley; is considered the oldest civilization of America, almost as old as Egypt, Mesopotamia, India and China. The City of Caral is formed by a group of pyramids, which depict the large artistic, technological and scientific advances that they achieved, surprising development considering the total isolation they lived in and compared to the cultural exchange of the cultures in the old world. Thanks to the discovery of the Caral Archaeological City, now we have a new chronologic vision of the cities in America and the world.

Suggested Itinerary

Pick up at 6:30 am at a designated meeting point. We will take the north Panamericana highway up to Vegeta town. Then we take a road through ditches and plantations, surrounded by the typical flora and fauna of the region. We will also have the opportunity to observe the irrigation canals in this desert zone, bean cultivation zones, caña brava, corn, yuca and interaction with the local communities. Guided visit on arrival to the Caral Archaeological City. Here we will be able to appreciate 7 monumental pyramids, in two of which we can see the architectural distribution of the first civilization of Peru and America. There are also an amphitheater, central plazas, residential areas and religious centers. After the tour we will go to a popular town called Barranca where we will have lunch; we suggest the famous typical Peruvian dish called Tacu-Tacu with shellfish. Return to the city of Lima at the designated meeting point.

Included: Private Transport, Driver, Tour Leader, Local Guide, Entrance ticket and Snacks.

Not Included: Additional activities, extra expenses, tips and lunch in Barranca town.

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