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Chaparri Reserve - 2008

Chaparri Reserve - 2008

n 2008 we traveled to the Chaparri Ecological Reserve. This is a private conservation area of 34412 acres, located in the Lambayeque department, which belongs and is managed by the peasant community of Santa Rosa de Chongoyape and which protects the dry forests of the North of Peru. This Reserve owes its name to the spectacular mountain called Cerro Chaparri which makes the scenery even more impressive. This mountain was considered sacred by the Mochica culture and it still is by Shamanes around Peru. In these days, this Reserve is a great model of communal conservation and an ecotourism project in which the local population benefits from the care of its natural resources. Additionally, Chaparri is also a scientific research center dedicated to the study of dry forest ecosystems and to the species that inhabit these forests.

The participants of this expedition besides our business partners were:

  • Juan Carlos Quevedo
  • Jose Carlos Canales
  • Marlene Mendoza
  • Tania Mendoza
  • Cesar Aguinaga
  • Omar Barrientos

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