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Markahuasi Plateau 2012

On 2011 Macahuasi plateau was chosen as destination for our annual expedition; it is located in the community of San Pedro de Casta, province of Huarochiri, department of Lima. it is about 80 kilometers from Lima on the Santa Eulalia Valley at an altitude of 3950 meters.

The hike start at the Sa Pedro de Casta town and can be done in 6 hours if you are in good shape. Once on the plateau the walks are an unforgettable experience, the huge granite rocks with curious shapes are incredible and you can breathe fresh air and peace. There are also small ponds where you can spot birds like coots and ducks, as well as the Andean Condor and Giant hummingbird on the walks, you can also see Vicuñas and a rodent call Viscacha.

We suggest to bring warm clothing as it gets cold at night and of course to clean you camping site when you go.

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