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Our Philosophy


To be a leading company that promotes sustainable and responsible tourism, for the benefit of local communities, and for a cultural, social and natural development, based on Nature and Culture Travel.


  • Make known through our tours the relevance of Peru’s mega diversity and its conservation, keeping in our trips a direct relation with the environment, as well as contributing with local communities’ development.
  • Show our style of tourism in Peru: “Nature and Culture Travel with Social Responsibility”; sensitizing our passengers with the environment on a real an active way.
  • Meet our clients needs and expectations, keeping our philosophy of respect, protection and conservation of our world.


Matchiguenga song
Kobeni, kobeni, naratori
obambarataka, naratori
Niavagitacharina, okasanka
gitetapakira kobeni…
What would happen
to us without nature,
we would die,
we would not be here…
Que sería de
nosotros sin naturaleza,
no estaríamos acá…