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Peru is paradise for bird watching lovers and nature lovers in general, thanks to a great amount of habitats, climates and the variety of the geography. With 1834 species of birds, 125 of them endemic to Peru, it becomes a dream to any ornithologist, especially when you think that we keep discovering new species in remote areas of Peru and unknown regions for biologists. In this country you find so many spectacular places to spot birds from the shores of the Pacific Ocean and the coastal mangroves, to dry forests, inter Andean valleys, highlands and the Amazon basin; to do so may take weeks or months. That’s why we have selected the best spots so you can come and visit this wonderful destination for any birdwatcher.

Suggested Itineraries

Manu Birdwatching 4 Days
The Condor Empire  25 Days
The Endemic Tour 10 Days
Birdwatching - Lima - Cusco - Manu 10 Days

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