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Manu Social Tour

One Earth Peru, dedicated to promote a responsible and sustainable tourism that benefits local communities, in its social, cultural, and natural development, has designed its first Social Tour, which incorporates the native communities in the tourist operation by giving them the opportunity to earn their own benefist with dignity by working in all levels of this operation.  This Program takes place mostly  in one of the most natural and culturally diverse areas on earth, the Manu National Park declared by the UNESCO as a Biosphere Reserve. This program has as target to see two native communities: The native Community of Shintuya that is inhabited for the ethnic group of Harakmbut in the Amarakaeri Comunal Reserve and the Native Community of Shipeteari inhabited by the ethnic group Matzigenkas in Manu National Park. These two communities are developing ecotourism through lodges that receive visitors interested in appreciating the nature and share their culture. This program besides giving you the opportunity to know about this marvelous place, gives you the possibility of contributing with the development of their towns.


  • Incorporate the native communities of the Basin of the Madre de Dios River
    in the tourist operation, participating in all the levels of this operation.
  • Benefit directly the native communities with the incomes of the program.


  • Sensitize to our travelers and workers of the need to conserve and to protect
  • the environment and the ecosystems
  • Fluvial navigation and trekking: boat rids on Alto Madre de Dios river ("Eori in Harakmbut") in this rides we can observe wildlife common on the river. We will combine this boat rides with hikes.
  • Trekking in the forest: we will enjoy the landscape and the biodiversity of the primary forest, exploring clear water streams and rivers, spotting birds, monkeys, insects, mammals and big trees.
  • Ancestral skills demonstration: we will fish with the natives; hear ancestral tales, mites, etc.
  • We will visit the "Manu Traditional Medicine Center" where the shaman or seripigari will chat about the use of medicinal plants. Optional: We can participate in an ayahuasca session.
  • Reforest edible native species for human consumption.
  • Collect and bring back to Cusco non organic materials and plastic to recycle.
  • Social interaction with the natives.


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Things that you should bring along

  • Sleeping bag (for warm whether).
  • Small towel, swimming dress & sandals.
  • Hiking boot.
  • Flush light or head lamp and extra batteries.
  • Hut or cap, sun cream and sunglasses.
  • Insect repellant.
  • Rain gear, long pants and long sleeves cotton shirt.
  • Warm clothing.
  • Binoculars (is possible to rent them in Cusco).
  • Cameras, batteries & memory cards.
  • Big back pack (with your belongings) and small back pack for day walks.
  • Water container (to refill with water).
  • Sunglasses.
  • Antiallergy pills.
  • Personal medicine.

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